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The Café Menu - Indonesian Food

(Indonesian spring roll)

Chicken Lumpia spring roll
Shrimp Lumpia spring roll

Nasi Goreng or Fry Rice
(Nasi Goreng in simple English means Fried Rice)

Chicken Nasi Goreng
Ham Nasi Goreng Fry Rice
Sea Food Nasi Goreng Fry Rice

Mie Goreng
(Javanese Fry Noodles)

Chicken Mie Goreng
Ham Mie Goreng
Sea Food Mie Goreng

Rendang (Indonesian Beef Curry)
most popular Indonesians dishes is RENDANG, its a dry curry cooked with coconut milk, this is one of the most flavourful Indonesian dish. Extremely healthy. You'll love Rendang - guaranteed!

Rendang Beef curry with rice
Rendang Beef curry with potatoes

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