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The Café Menu - Breakfast


Almond croissant
Croissant small
Chocolatine small
Chinnamon doughnut
Blueberry jam doughnut
Chocolate doughnut
Cream doughnut
Satay chocolate doughnut
Strawberry jam doughnut
Mini danish
Yogurt Scone

(served with toast or French Baguette)

2 Boiled eggs
Fry eggs or (2) scrambled eggs
Fry eggs with bacon
Fry eggs with ham
Fry eggs with cheese
Fry eggs cheese and ham

Scrambled eggs plain
Scrambled eggs with cheese
Scrambled eggs with ham
Scrambled eggs with ham & cheese
Scrambled eggs with smoked marlin fish

(served with toast or French Baguettes)

Omelet plain
Omelet cheese
Omelet Chicken
Omelet ham or bacon
Omelet mix cheese ham
Omelet mushroom
Omelet with ratatouille

Speciality Croissants

Cheese Croissant
Cheese Ham Croissant
Salami Cheese Croissant

Healthy Muesli

Fruit Salad
Fresh mixed fruits

Bali Exotic Fruit Salad
An exceptional mix of Bali delicious and curious exotic fruits.
Banana, Coconut, Manggis, Mango, Papaya, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Rambutan, Salak.
(some of the fruit are only available in the growing season)

Set Breakfast

French Breakfast
English Breakfast
English Traditional Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast

Served until 12 AM only

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